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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should my guests wear? Is there a dress code?

To avoid confusion in addition to the dress code, let your guests know specifically what they should wear, for example, a suit and tie, tux, formal gown, or floor-length dress.

2. What will the weather be like this time of year? 

Let your out-of-town guests know the general weather conditions for your wedding’s location.  Advise them to bring a jacket, umbrella, etc. 

3. Can the ceremony and reception be indoors or outdoors?

It’s important for guests to know if they will be indoors or outdoors so they can plan accordingly.  Guests may need to bring lighter or heavier clothes depending on the time of year. Most of our outdoor facilities are in the grass, I would let your guests know so they can have appropriate footwear. 

4. What happens after the ceremony?

It’s important to let your guests know what to do in-between the ceremony and reception. Is there a cocktail hour? Will you be doing pictures…etc. 

5. How do I get to the venue?

Mathews Manor address: 3279 US-11 Springville, AL 35146 

From Birmingham: Get on I-20 E/I-59 N 

Follow I-59 N to Liles Ln. Take exit 148 from I-59 N

Drive to US-11 N in St. Clair County

Take a Left Turn onto US-11 N. 


Mathews Manor is Located 3.2 Miles On The Left and Right of US-11.


Rebecca Gardens and Grace Hall is located on the Left. 


Micah's Meadow is located on the right.


6. What time should my guests arrive?

We recommend that guests arrive 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony, this ensures everyone is on time and we can get the party started on schedule!

7. How do I estimate my guest count? 

RSVP List between 60 and 70% will attend.

8. Where should guests park? Is parking free?

Let your guests know where to park, if your event is located at Micah’s Meadow, Parking is located in the most immediate left field which is designated by a wooden “Parking” sign found on the fence. 

Grace Hall parking is located on the right side of the Hall in the gravel parking lot. 

Rebecca Gardens parking is located on the left side of Rebecca Gardens in the gravel parking lot. 

Yes, all parking is free.

9. Do you provide a sound technician?  

Sound Technicians are included in our “Masterpiece” package If you have chosen our “Custom Package” or “Exclusive” Then the price to include a sound technician is $200. This includes a lapel microphone for the officiant and speakers for the service.   

If you do not purchase a sound tech we do not provide the lapel mic. 

10. How do I do a ceremony/reception playlist?

Create a playlist using spotify, apple music, or  youtube music platforms. Once created, share this playlist with your planner, day or coordinator & sound tech here at Mathews Manor. The best way to do this is via email Mathews Manor.

11. What are the different options for the bar? 

If you chose the “Masterpiece” or “Exclusive” Packages the bar is included in the price. All you would need to do is decide which liquor/ beer/ wine that you would like to be served. 

If you decide on a “Custom” package then there are a few different options: There is the “consumption bar”, “cash bar” or an “open bar". 

  • What is a consumption bar? 

You, the host, are responsible for covering only the $5.00 per person set-up fee and the total of what is consumed by your guests. 

Consumption Bars are a great option for clients working with a set budget. With a consumption bar, you are able to keep the bar open on a “consumption tab” up to a predetermined limit. For example, you can set a $1,000 limit to be spent at the bar. After the $1,000 limit is reached the bar service would either close or convert to a cash bar - where your guests pay for their drinks. 

**A sample charge from a consumption bar would look something like this: 5 guests each order a single drink made with house liquor ($6.00/drink) you accumulate $30 in charges. 


  • What is a cash bar? 

You, the host, pay a $5.00/person set-up fee (minimum $250). Your guests then pay for their drinks at the bar.


*Example: $5.00 x 100 guests = $500


  • What is an open bar? 

This is the type of bar that is included in any package with Mathews Manor 

You, the host, pay for the type agreed upon package amount at your “in-person” planning meeting.


Your Guests Do NOT Pay For ANY Drinks. 




Bar Duration for Packages is set for 3 Hours unless otherwise specified. 


13. Do you have a hotel block for guests? Where do you recommend I stay?

Let your guests know if you reserved a hotel block, the pricing, address, and give them alternative hotel options in the area. Here at the manor we recommend the Courtyard Marriott located in Trussville, AL. The address is 3665 Roosevelt blvd. Birmingham AL 35235.

14. When should I send my Invitation list out? And Save The Date:

Save The Date: 4-8 Months Prior to event

Wedding Invitations : 5-6 weeks prior to the event. 

15. When is the RSVP deadline? Do I need to mail back my RSVP or can I do it online?

RSVP Deadline is NO LATER than 4 weeks before the wedding. 

Tip: Let your guests know if they can RSVP online.

16. Are the ceremony and reception location wheelchair accessible?

Yes, each venue at Mathews Manor is wheelchair accessible.

Additionally, Mathews Manor offers a golf cart rental service that can transport your guests from the parking areas to the front door or ceremony location upon request.

17. How long are you able to occupy the Venue?

Please review your contract to confirm the hours that have been allocated for your event. Any additional hours beyond the contracted time will incur a charge of $300 per hour.

18. Is there a designated smoking area? 

Smoking is permitted in all outdoor areas of Mathews Manor, but strictly prohibited indoors. Any violation of this policy will result in a $500 fee per incident. Please note that the use of marijuana is prohibited on the grounds of Mathews Manor.


19. Can we bring the snacks for the day of the wedding while getting dressed for the wedding party?


Snacks are included in some packages. Please review your contract and package contents to see if your package offers Snacks. 


Otherwise, yes, you can bring in snacks. 


20. Can my photographers come to see the venue? 

Yes, if your photographer has never been to Mathews Manor, we recommend the photographer call us and set up a time to view the venue. 

21. Who is the main venue contact for the day of the wedding? 

Your director, who you will meet with during the “Execution” meeting (Last Meeting).

22. When can you start decorating? 

During the first part of the rental hours allotted based on your package. Check your contract and purchased package to see how many hours your event comes with. (Otherwise, there is a $300 per hour fee for each additional hour)

23. Are there decorating restrictions or other restrictions? 

Yes, these items can be found in your contract. And they are listed here:  no open flame candles, birdseed, fake flower petals, confetti of any kind, GLITTER, fake snow of any kind, chalk, horseshoe, beer pong, alcohol, ice chests, taper candle sticks outside drinks of any kind. 

24. Can the centerpieces contain candles? 

Yes, but they must be covered with glass

25. Does Mathews Manor provide decorations? 

This is dependent on your package. 

Please check your “Amenities section” in your package. Food table decor, Guest book table, gift table..etc. Additionally, you will go over your specific wedding “design” and ‘feel” with your planner. At which time they can show you our different decor options. 

26. How many people can sit at one table?  

10 people for buffet style receptions and 8 people for sit down dinners

27. What are the different ways the venue serves food?

 Buffet, family style, heavy hors d’oeuvres and plated meals.

28. Catering 

External catering is not allowed at Mathews Manor, we are a licensed and full-service catering provider. Additionally, all food packages are subject to a 10% sales tax and an 18% gratuity fee. Please note that Mathews Manor reserves the right to modify our catering services and pricing without prior notification.

29. Can you arrange for a tasting? 

Yes, it is $50 per person and this includes 1 entrée meat choice and 2 sides. (only for sit down dinners) Otherwise, please come to one of our Open Houses to taste the food. 

30. How many choices can you offer your guests for meals?

 Here are our menus: Click Here

31. Does Mathews Manor provide a cutting knife? 

We provide the cake cutting and knife. However, a lot of times couples have their own knife and we can use theirs if that is so desired. 

32. Is there a cake-cutting fee? 

No, all of our packages come with an employee of Mathews Manor to cut your cake. 

33. Does the venue have a liquor license to serve alcohol?

Mathews Manor possesses a state license to serve alcoholic beverages and therefore, outside alcohol is not permitted on the premises. Please be aware that a $2,000 penalty will be strictly enforced for any individual caught bringing in alcohol from outside.

34. Does the venue provide the alcohol and bar service?

Yes, the venue provides all alcohol and bar services. Including bar set up as well as in-house bartenders.  Bar services  also include a security to be on the property during your event.

35. What drinks are included in the pricing?

Please talk with the event planner to view pricing for bar options. 

36. Does the venue hire the bartenders and is there a charge per bartender?

Mathews Manor includes one bartender with your package; any additional bartenders are $200 per bartender. 

37. Are there any restrictions on the type or quantity of alcohol to be served?

No, as long as the venue can get the desired alcohol through its distributors. Additionally, Mathews Manor has the right to stop serving anyone at any time for any reason. Typically, this has to do with a guest that has had too much alcohol and is causing a scene. 

38. Can I bring in a band or DJ?


Yes, this is recommended, if you need any recommendations please check your aisle planner or ask your Wedding Director.

39. When can the band or DJ set up? 

No more than 3 hours prior to the event start time. Unless you have purchased extra hours for setup.


40. What time do they allow the music to play until? 


Midnight is as late as the music can be played.

41. Does Mathews Manor offer payment plans?

Ask your event planner about Maroo. Or Checkout

42. Are there any photograph or video restrictions?

Photographers and Videographers are allowed to come in 1 hour before the wedding party is allowed on site.

43. Does Mathews Manor have outdoor covered areas such as canopies or tents in case of rain? 

All of our venues have covered areas. Rebecca Gardens has a pavilion, Grace Hall has a Pavilion and Micah’s meadow can be used as a flip while guests are around the porch. We do also have tent rental options as well.

44. Does Mathews Manor have indoor space available if you need to move people outside to inside?


Yes, all venues have indoor space for inclement weather.

45. In the same room, what can be expected for set up and take down to switch over from the ceremony to the reception?


Guests will make their way outside, either to the covered patio or to a covered pavilion. Then Mathews Manor event staff will move all the necessary chairs and tables inside to set up for the planned reception. 

46. How long will the Switch Over take?


Usually, no more than a 30 minutes delay. 

47. Are you able to have a rehearsal at the venue and a rehearsal dinner?


Yes, typically, the rehearsal is performed at the site in which you have scheduled your event the day before the event is scheduled. However, in the event that the venue is booked for a different event the day before. Mathews Manor will advise to rehearse at Rebecca Gardens or Grace Hall.
Rebecca Gardens is typically rented for rehearsal dinners the day before the wedding. This time will be set during your final execution plan meeting. 

*Some packages have this included. 

48. Where do guests park and how many spots are available?


There is separate parking for each venue. Each venue can hold 50 or more vehicles. 

49. Can we make special dietary accommodations for a few of our guests? 

Yes, dietary accommodations can be made, you will need to speak with your planner to give them specifics on what you would like for them to have. There may or may not be a fee for special accommodations. 

50. When are my payments due? 

Your payment Schedule can be found in Aisle Planner documents by clicking here. 


51. What are Mathews Manors Vendor recommendations?


In Aisle planner you can find them on the contacts tab. Click Here

52. I have been talking about the DJ/Band for our reception and ceremony. The company we plan to use will cover sound for the ceremony as well, but we wanted to double check that this would be okay since you all offer a sound technician.


This is fine, but if it's a part of your venue package, then there is not any compensation for not using our Technician. 


53. Do we have an event coordinator? 


Yes, You will meet with your event coordinator also known as your day of director during your “Execution” meeting. 


54. I am going to be in town and was wondering if I could come by with my parents so that they could walk through the venue and see where the wedding will be?

This is not a problem, please just let us know when you would like to come by. We can schedule accordingly based on the availability for that day . 

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