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Schedule of Payments

The schedule of payments will be due as stated below; If the CLIENT(S) is late on payment, the credit card on file for the CLIENT(S) will be charged for the amount due on that specific day. If the credit card is declined and the credit card is unable to be processed, Mathews Manor will inform the client(s) of declined payment. If Mathews Manor is unable to reach the client(s) and payment is declined, after three failed attempts to reach the client(s), then the date will be forfeited. 

Rental Fee Due: Before the 1st in person meeting. (Planning Meeting)

30% of remaining payment due: At or before your 2nd in person meeting (Floral Meeting) 

70% of remaining payment due: At or before 3rd in person meeting (Design Meeting)

100% of remaining payment due: At or before your 4th and final meeting (Execution Meeting)


Typically, these scheduled payments should be made around the same time as your scheduled “Sit Down” planning meetings. However, we will contact you via emailing/Aisle Planner to inform you of your payment that is due. The total due can be calculated by simply using a calculator and performing this equation: 



If your total estimated remaining wedding invoice with Mathews Manor comes to $10,000 and 30% is due, you would simply multiply 10,000 x .30 to get your total owed for that particular installment. In this case, the total would come to $3,000. 

Once that payment has been received, we will update your invoice and send you confirmation of payment via email/Aisle Planner.

Payments may be made by the following methods: 

  • Cash (In Person)

  • Check (Mailing Address: 3279 US-11 Springville, AL 35146)

  • Debit or Credit Card (2% Charge added to the final payment. This will be noted on the invoice.)

  • Venmo

  • Aisle Planner

Payment Options


Cash: In Person


Credit card: Amex, Visa, Mastercard (2%)


Check: Send to 3279 Us HWY 11 Springville, AL 35146


Aisle Planner : Click Here 



Once the venue rental amount is made is full,

use the provided link HERE to schedule your first Planning Meeting. Venue payment must be paid in full before meeting can take place.

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